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 Cacao & Herbal Plant Medicine

Chrystof has always had a deep connect to nature and the plant kingdom. From a young age he innately turned to natural remedies, and folk medicine to treat ailments that happened to him. Seeking teas to help and calm, soothe him while also helping him with symptoms of the common cold, and his personal journey with eczema, allergies, and dietary sensitivities. He see's his connection and calling to plant medicine, as a deep remembering of human's great healing intrinsic relationship to the Earth. 

He also found support with plants to help him in his interpersonal work,  emotional awareness, and spiritual evolution. A folk medicine approach that difference than contemporary medicine 

Exploring the use of flower and plant essence, as well as more magickal approaches with rituals, intention settings, and communal gathers. 

Plants are human's supporters on this journey of life on the planet Earth, and the more we build a conscious relationship with the plant kin, the more we can come to know their dormant potential, power, and wisdom. Plans are truly our allies of health and wellness.


Chrys has completed many Plant Medicine courses, and accredited diplomas in Basic, Master and Advanced Herbalism, as well as Herbal Compendium studies.  Alongside a life long curiousity and practice of using plants to support him, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

He continues to learning under a great many Indigenous elders, and Earth tenders. Chrys now confidently offers Personalize Astro-Herbalism Teas, that help support your physical wellness, as well your emotional, and spiritual wellness, using herbs and your Astrological Birth Chart.  He also holds group Cacao & Meditation Circles. And highly believes in the tradition of Cacao as a spiritual companion to help heal, empower, and inspire a person. 

*For more detail information about Cacao here.

Chrys does not take on the label of Shaman, Medicine or hold any place of power over plant knowledge, and folk medicine. He walks in 'Right Relationship" to the many indigenous people that are leaders and guides in Plant Medicine teachings. Chrys considered himself a guide that supports you, and works alongside you to empower your own direction of healing.  He also doesn't take the role of a medical profession, and will seek out his own medical advice, as well as ask you to listen to your doctor, and seek out forms psycho-therapy as he seems fit.

He does not work with any psychoactive, or mind altering plants. The plants Chrys works are complete safe to use in everyday life, some in abundance, and others in small doses. 

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