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Personalized Astro-Herbal Tea to Support your Everyday Life.

There is a powerful correlation to your Health & Personal Wellness

and your Astrological Birth Chart. The cosmos of the time we were born offers us of a lot of insight into our physical and elemental constitutions, temperament, and patterns of our life's journey, health, and wellness. Plants support us, not only nutritionally but energetically and spiritually, and connect to the same physical and elemental constitutions as we do. They off us medicine that supports us beyond our body.

Combing Astrology, and Herbalism is a time old tradition to support 

health, ailments, and Spiritual wellness. It's considered to be one of many ancient avenues that led to the birthing of Modern Science. As we come back to a natural based support, and look to plants to aid us (alongside our modern efforts), we come back to a way of connecting to the land and sky that helps us on our healing and empowerment journey. Plants have more then just medicinal properties, but also energetic ones that support our emotional, and spiritual work. 

Chrys' Astro Herbal Tea seeks to create a blend that understands your birth chart, constitutions, and current wellness needs. 


Chrys has been a student of Astrology most of his life, and has been working with herbs, and plant medicine for over a decade in his own personal self-taught exploration, as well as completing certificates in Astrology, Foundational Herbalism, Master Herbalism, Medical Astrology, as well as the Magickal and Spiritual uses of plants. 


To create the tea blend, Chrys intuitively understands your Birth chart, alongside your current wellness circumstances. He then connects to his knowledge and relationship of herbs, infusing all together.

Chrys offers a 1 on 1 virtual 60-75 minute consultation, where he will hold space and listen to where you currently were with your health & wellness, and then gives you a overview of your Birth Chart. Which will offer you some insight to what he can recognize, and interpret to support, empower, and help you on your healing journey. 

After the conversation Chrys will meditation, listen, and connect to the plants and your consultation to formulate a personalize Astro-Herbalism Tea. 

It will take about 2-3 days to formulate your personalized blend. 

You will receive a 28 serving worth of tea to make and support your constitution, health, and overall Spiritual wellness. 

The tea can be picked up locally within the city of Toronto, or can be delivered with an cost confirmed in your consultation. 

A Personalized Astro-Herbalism Consultation and Tea Blend are offered together at a

sliding scale rate: $60-$100 plus tax. 

*Any products Chrys makes for you can be locally picked up in downtown Toronto, or mailed with the extra cost of shipping. 

**If you have any major health ailments, and have not sought medical attention, Chrys will recommend that you do so, alongside working with him.

***If you are on any medications Chrys will ask that you talk to your doctor about any Herbal contraindications. He will also do his research on your prescriptions. 

****Chrys advises talk-therapy with a licensed mental health practitioner alongside any herbal practice that seeks support and insight on any major mental, & emotional imbalances.

******Chrys does not take on the label of Shaman, Medicine Manor hold any place of power over plant knowledge, and folk medicine. He walks in 'Right Relationship" to the many indigenous people that are leaders and guides in Plant Medicine teachings. Chrys considered himself a guide and wisdom sharer that supports you, and works alongside you to empower your own direction of healing.  

He does not work with any psychoactive, or mind altering plants. The plants Chrys works with are completely safe to use in everyday life, some in abundance, and others in small doses. 

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