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About Chrystof

Chrystof Muszka is a Yoga & Meditation Educator, Energy Healer and Earth Mystic in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of teaching experience and 20 years of practice. He seeks to inspire his students and clients to live authentic, holistic, and mindful lives. Working with heart opening modalities such as yoga, meditation, breath awareness, energy healing and Ceremonial Cacao as pathways of transformation and healing. Bringing a unique perspective, Chrys blends the ancient wisdom with a modern and respectful approach.


Ever since Chrys was little he had an interest in the natural, spiritual, and metaphysical world. He knew that things were and are much deeper, and more meaningful than they seem. That humans, animals, and plants are far more connected than what the mind and intellect can conceive.


Growing up Chrys remembered the innate bond humans have with the natural world. His first meditation teachers were the trees, lakes and breezes of Northern Ontario, Canada. This is where he learnt to appreciate being quiet while breathing deeply, and listening softly. 

This connection to Nature directed him to become curious the land now known as  Ontario, that he lived on, and its Indigenous history, tragedies and spiritual medicine.  It enhanced his interested in his own Ancestry,  he began to learn, dig, reclaim and heal the connection his ancestors once had to the Natural and Spiritual world. He carries and acknowledges all his ancestors bravery, strength, and wisdom.  Through his ancestry work, Chrys took the role of "the chain breaker" of intergenerational trauma in his family, and has reclaimed lost cultural identity, spirituality, ancestral practices, and whole lot of magick! 

He self identifies as a Queer Bisexual White Benefiting Cis-man using the pronouns he/him. He acknowledges the inherent social-economical privilege this brings him. He works to be anti-racist , and act with awareness of his effects and duty to stand up for inclusiveness, social justice, and solidarity towards humans of all races, ethnicities, and genders.  

Growing up Chrys had the opportunity to explore body movement, dance, sports, and martial arts at a young age. His body always spoke to him, and he always listened to help it heal. He found yoga at age 14, and it clicked for him. . . that body movement, alongside breath awareness and spiritual purpose is a potent method to elevate life, understand the self, and become aware of the need for equality amongst all beings, especially humans! He truly felt the power of Yoga and the ancient art of mindfulness. 

He began opening himself up to different identities, cultures, religions, yoga styles and spiritual practices, and forming his own relationship with Source Energy, the Divine, or so often called "God." Finding meditation as a sweet thread between all traditions. Realizing it is an act that enables and strengthens humans connection to the Divine, and better understand their own minds, hearts, and spirits. As well as the key that helps us connect to Nature, and the land we live off of. 

After graduating York University with a Bachelors of Honours in Environmental Studies, and a minor in Theatre Studies, Chrys got his calling to begin to teach Yoga and Meditation. Making his first trip to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2009 to complete his first of many yoga and body movement trainings. He's now traveled the world to understand and train in a diverse range of yoga styles, and body movement techniques, including North India, Bali, Montreal, Toronto, and New York City. 

Chrys has also trained and explored different methods of Embodied Movement, Body Mind Centring techniques, and Somatic Body Healingwork.


He constantly bows in gratitude to his influential teachers in his formative years of yoga, body movement, and leadership practice and teaching: Karen Cove, Paula Tursi, Tara Judelle, Noah Maze, Sachne Kilner, Christi-an Slomka as well as his meditation and philosophy mentor Hali Schwartz. He walks with great reverence towards Swami Shyam,  and his self-awareness meditation lineage. Swami's teaching and mantra of "Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum", meaning "I am eternal, I am blissful," gave Chrys a strong foundation in his early 20s to understanding his mind, and the wisdom of a meditation practice. 

Chrys also spent a year of study and practice in the Shambhala Buddhist Meditation method. 

He believes there are many paths to find strong, healthy and empowering relationship to the Body, Mind, and Spirit. 

Before delving into full time work as a Yoga, Meditation, & Mystic, Chrys worked in Outdoor Education for 15 years.  Guiding children, and youth in the forest, teaching experiential education, nature wisdom, outdoor camping, and survival skills.  He had the privilege of working at, and growing these skills at Camp Tawingo, and Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre, apart of the Toronto District School Board. 

When Chrys was 11 years old Chrys was attuned to Reiki energy through his mother, and ever since has been exploring using himself to channel Universal Energy to help heal, support, and regulate himself, and himself. This also helped him open up to listening to the whispers of his Ancestors, and develop a strong trust in his instincts, and intuition. He's learned from the Usui Reiki System, as well as studied many other types of Energy Healing, realizing that this is really a skill that all humans have the ability to use. His Energy healing is subtle and influential practice to bring balance, harmony, and spiritual awareness in to ones life. Learn more his Energy practice here

Chrys is a firm believer that planet Earth is full of plants that help humans in so many areas of life, from diet to emotional and physical medicine.   And that Indigenous and Traditional knowledges carries the wisdom of these plants. He listens and learns under as many Indigenous leaders, and Plant Medicine Elders as he can, to continue to learn how to walk in and check in that he is working with each plant medicine in Right Relationship.  Chrys explores and works with many plants in the form a tinctures, oils, ointments, smoke medicine, teas, and of course healthy eating, which always essential. While in Guatemala in 2009, Chrys started a long, yet subtle relationship with the cacao plant and spent the last 10 years slowly learning its history, it's spiritual relationship to humans, specifically the Maya people, the effects of colonialism, and the capitalization of cacao into chocolate. Cacao contains non-psychoactive Spiritual properties, and a capacity to help elevate Humans  connection to Spirit and heart healing. Cacao is an offering from the Earth for humans to help facilitate self-healing, awareness, and love, as well as universal knowledge of connection, and compassion. Plants are human's allies on this journey of life on the planet Earth, and the more we build a conscious relationship with the plant kin, the more we can come to know their dormant potential, power, and wisdom. Plans are truly our allies of health and wellness. Chrys has completed many Plant Medicine courses, and diplomas in Basic, Master and Advanced Herbalism, as well as Herbal Compendium studies.  

Chrys considers himself an Earth Mystic, as he truly seeks to understand the magick that exists on this planet, and how to live harmoniously with it. He seeks to inspire others to live a more inter-connected, holistic and loving lifestyle. He actively studies and practices various forms of Celtic and Romani Shamanism. Learning under great Elders, as well as following his intuition and his inherited ancestral knowledge of these practices. 

Chrys lives in the land now known as Toronto, Canada, and recognizes that he holds space on land that is the traditional territory of many First Nations groups of Turtle Island, including;  the Mississauga of the Credit, the Anishinaabe, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, and the Huron-Wendat peoples. Their orignal generosity, forced sacrifices allowed for Chrys' Ancestors to seek refugee from terror and famine. 

He stands in solidarity with the First Nation's People of Canada, as well as all the Indigenous People of the World and their land claims, justice for Human Rights, and environmental stewardship work. 

 Chrys truly believes yoga, healing, and spiritual wisdom involves social justice awareness and action. 

One cannot practice self healing, without committing to healing the whole.

He is a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, Virgo Rising, with a Scorpio Stellium in the 3rd House. So it was set in the stars at his birth to be a Spiritual Practitioner, and seek to understand the subtle, mystical, and magick of being human, and a being of the vast Universe. 

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