About Chrys

Every since Chrys was little, he had interest in the natural, spiritual and metaphysical world. He knew that things are much deeper, and meaningful than they seem. Growing up he had the opportunity to connect to nature, and considers his first meditation teacher to be the forest. Where he learnt to be quiet, breathe deeply, and listen softly.

He had the privilege of learning many different styles of body movement, sports and performance as kid, but when he found yoga at age 14, it clicked for me. That body movement, alongside a spiritual practice is a potent method to elevate life. 

His yoga practice supported him deeply as he went through a series of stresses, and traumatic events as teenager. Enabling him to understand, cope and grow from these experience.

After graduating York Univeristy with his Bachelors of Honours in Environmental Studies, and minor in Theatre Studies, Chrys got his calling to teach yoga and meditation. Making his first trip to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala in 2009 to complete his first of many yoga teacher trainings. He has traveled the world to understand  and train in a diverse range of yoga styles, and body movement techniques, including North India, Bali, Montreal, Toronto, and New York City. He is always bows in gratitude to his influential teachers in his formative years of practice and teaching; Karen Cove, Sachne Kilner, Hali Schwartz, Paula Tursi, Tara Juddell, Robin Golt, and Noah Maze. 

Alongside his yoga journey, Chrys developed a keen interest in energy healing, and plant medicine. When he was 11 he was attuned to Reiki energy, and ever since has been exploring using himself to channel universal energy to help heal others, and himself. Learning that all energy, especially our own is something we can influence and transform, rather than holding to stuck patterns and cycles in life, thoughts, emotions and relationship. 

Stress, trauma, and life overall build up tension through the human system, and when left unmanaged create dis-ease in the body. Energy healing  and Reiki is a modality that help to release this build up in ones system enabling the system to reset, and realign to a more optimal flow/movement of energy.

Through his innate connection to the natural world, Chrys always favoured holistic and natural remedies over modern western solutions. He acknowledges that planet Earth is full of plants that help us in so many areas of life, from diet to medicine. While in Guatemala in 2009, he started a long, yet subtle relationship with the cacao plant. And spent the last 10 years slowly learning its history, relationship to humans, specifically the Maya people, the effects of colonialism, and the capitalization of cacao and chocolate. He realized that cacao is a planet that humans really can benefit from, not only from a health supplement, but spiritual purposes. That Cacao is an offering from the Earth for us to help facilitate our healing, self-awareness, and self-love. That it teaches us how to connect to one another without friction and conflict. This explains our affinity with chocolate, as cacao is the plant that produces chocolate. 

Chrys considers himself an Earth Mystic, as he truly seeks to understand the magick that exist on this planet, and how to live harmoniously with it. He seeks to inspire others to live a more inter-connected, holistic and loving lifestyle.

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"We can never become truly happy unless we

ourselves undergo a personal transformation" 

Daisaku Ikeda