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Meditation & Cacao Circles


A Cacao circle is a gathering to check in with yourself, your heart, and your Spirit. Drinking a cup of 100% pure Chocolate that offers a sweet gateway into yourself, Heart, and empowering yourself. This circle will be guided by a dialogue on the Full Moon, current Astrology, and sharing insight from the Mayan Geo-Cosmovision and it's connection to



Traditionally in the Mayan culture, there is no such thing as a "Cacao Ceremony." However there are many rituals, and gatherings that involve Cacao, alongside a whole spiritual connection and mythology on the Plant and Spirit of Cacao. 

A modern Cacao Cirle or Ceremony, is a gathering to respectfully connect, and form a relationship with the heart nourishing, and empowering Plant medicine of Cacao or 100% Pure Chocolate in a ritualistic, and meditative way.

We'll explore a period of journal prompts to reflect on the self, your current path of healing and empowerment journey Following with a some breath work, and guided meditation through the 3 worlds of consciousness, and the sacred Fire of your Heart. Sealing the circle with a nourishing healing Sound Bath. 

Each circle will be guided by a dialogue on the current Moon's energy, Astrology, as well as the some philosophy from the Mayan Cosmovision.  We'll then explore a period of journal prompts to explore the self and the path of healing and empowerment. Leading into some gentle movement to release tension, and create space in the body and mind. Finishing with guided breath work, a Heart healing meditation and a nourishing Sound Bath, 

To learn more about Cacao click here.


Chrystof holds his Meditation & Cacao Circles in his home studio in

Downtown Toronto.

This create an intimate and safe container to respectfully explore Cacao, connect to your heart, and your self-empowerment. 

Exact Location will be given when you sign up for a circle.

Upcoming Cacao Circle 
















Full Moon Meditation & Cacao Circle-3.jpg

*June's Full Moon in Sagittarius Meditation & Cacao Circle

Thursday June 1st, 2023



Chrystof's Space,

Downtown Toronto

Near Bloor and Bathurst 

Price: Sliding Scale $30-$50+hst

Pay-Whatever-You-Can with in the Sliding Scale Rate.

Please use the form below to sign up for one of Chry's upcoming Circles.

*Payment is set $40, but please adjust the amount within the Slicing Scale rate.*

Payment can be made by paypal through the form below or an etransfer to

by selecting 'pay offline" when you register through the form below.

*Please plan to arrive 5mins early, so you can settle, and ground before the circle starts.*

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