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Energy Healing & Reiki Courses
Upcoming Reiki 1 Course March 11th, 2023

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Energy Alchemy 101

Reiki Level 1 Energy Healing

Energy healing is an approach to help us direct, resolve, and balance our overall energetic system. It offers a practice that asks us to be more in tune with our subtler unseen energy, that really does have a greater affect on our overall mental, emotional, and physical self, then we might believe.

Reiki refers to the Japanese word for "Universal Energy" and offers a foundation on how to connect to it, use it, and transmit it to others. Enabling for a re-learning on this lost, yet natural human skill. Energy healing is available to everyone, and ultimately is a modality that helps us regulate ourselves and each other to find harmony within our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves. This concept and practice works on the unseen, and subtle plain and helps us alchemize built up tension, emotional blockages, dis-ease, and can bring forth somatic release, deep relaxation, heightened intuition, and spiritual awareness. 

**This course is a prerequisite for Energy Alchemy 201, Chrys' Reiki Level 2 course. 


Each week involves a virtual gathering that will be a combination of discussions, meditations, and self-practice.  

Course Outline

Section 1

Opening, Introductions, & Energy Healing Invocation. 

What is Energy Healing, and, Reiki?

A practice of Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, & Interoception.


History of Reiki & Dr. Usui, Mrs. Takyata and the rise of Western Reiki. 

What is a Reiki Attunement 

Section 2

The Science of Energy. 

The Importance of the Breathe  & Meditation. 

The Power of Intention

Section 3

Reiki Energy Healing Principles, & Precepts.

Creating & Holding Space

Types of Intuition.

"Reiki Attunement." 

Section 4

How to use Reiki 

Hands On Healing, Self-Scanning & Self-Practice.

Treating Others 

Practice Time 

Reiki Limitations, 

Closing Ceremony

A Certificate of completion in Energy Healing Reiki Level 1 will be granted after the 8 hours of online course time, homework, and self-practice evaluation is complete. 


Upcoming Course Date:

Saturday March 11th, 2023


Location: Chrys' Studio Apartment in Downtown Toronto, near Bathurst & Dupont.


Full Price per person: $275 +hst 

Financial Support per person: $225+hst 

(use the code "ReikiLove" when register/paying through the blow button.) 

**Payment is through paypal, Etransfer payment accepted, email

Please still sign up through the form below, and click the "pay offline" option. 

**Once register/payment goes through, there is a 48hour cancellation policy from the scheduled start date Reiki courses.  Full Refund if Chrys has to cancel the course for any unforeseen circumstances. 

After signing up you will receive a confirmation email.

Check your junk mail, if you don't receive it.   

Email Chrys to inquire about a Private course with a min. 2 participants. 

Opening Circle
Reiki 1 Group Sept 24th, 2016
Healing Others
Healing Others
Healing Others
Healing Others
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