Weekly & Monthly Teaching Schedule 

Navigating the Covid-19 reality, and moving with the Ontario government's opening guilelines. 

I am happy to share that I have a handful of in person classes at studios, that follow and respect health and safety measures, so please double check each studio's rules.

Please respect all they're guidelines. 

I'm so looking forward to practicing in shared space, and I hope you are too! 

My schedule is split into two categories.

1. Personal classes through my own portals

2. Studio/Group classes with classes that are partnered with Studios/Private Groups, 

each through a separate portal.

For the Summer Months June-September, and possibly into October, I will be offering in person classes in my Backyard in Downtown, Toronto, in the Annex. 

More information here. 


Monday              5:30pm-6:30pm                    Backyard Yoga at Chrys'
Tuesday              5:30pm-6:30pm                    Backyard Yoga

Last Sunday of the Month        4pm-6pm      Backyard Cacao & Meditation Circle at Chrys'                                                                                   

For more information about Private & Small Group Yoga and Meditation sessions, click here.