Energy Healing

Chrys is strongly connected to the natural energies on this planet, and has recognized the ability we all have to heal one another. Energy Healing was first formally introduced to Chrys as Reiki  when he was 11 years old, thanks to his mother's keen interest in the metaphysics and spiritual work. Exploring the tradition and practice of Reiki has had wonderful nurturing affects on him, and given him the ability to have intuitive and sensitive relationship with his body, mind, and spirit. It has great help him immensely on his Spiritual journey, as well as been a great aid in helping heal from his life wounds, ancestral traumas, and keeping himself in balance from dis-eases that can easily manifest as illness. 

Reiki is a hands-on natural healing system. 'Rei' means universal and 'Ki' means energy in Japanese. Taping into the subtle energies that exists all around us and using it to heal the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Although the term and formal tradition of Reiki comes from Japan, Energy healing as practice has no precise origin, and is believed to be found in cultures around the world, now hidden due cultural oppression, and religious conformity. Believed to be passed down through oral tradition, until it resurgence in the West during the 1970s. Energy Healing compliments yet does not disturb any modern medicine treatments for sickness, injuries, and mental or emotional aliments. It does help and is a holistic alternative. Results do happen, depending on a client's willingness and the extent of the imbalance.

Energy Healing treats the body and mind by restoring the balance of energy within the physical, emotional and mental bodies, allowing the entire self to be brought back into a calming and steady place.  Tension builds up in the body, not only physically like sore muscles, but also energetically. As those builds ups are released, the body can better heal itself, bringing its self back to harmonious state. 

The work is subtle and for big dis-eases, ailments and imbalances, several session are need. Just like an anti-biotic, you just can't take one an expect it to work, you need to take the right amount. Reiki & Energy Healing is the same. 

It often takes 3-5 sessions to really feel the benefits of the work. 

Energy healing is a great holistic treatment to be practice alongside many other healing modalities and aid in the following:

-Stress & Anxiety


-Emotional Destress/Confusion

-Physical and Sexual Trauma 

-Dealing with Death 

-Break-ups & Divorces


-Digestive Disorders

-Broken Bones  

-Skin ailments like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

-Energetic Imbalances

-Eating Disorders

-Creative Inspiration

-Clear Thinking

-Big changed and decisions. 

Chrys has formally trained under the Usui Reiki tradition, and attained his Master level.  He has also explored and trained in many other Energy Healing modalities.  He see no divided in healing techniques, and merges his vast wisdom, connection to Source energy, and strong intuition to guide him to help heal and balance anyone willing to receive. He creates a safe and caring environment where all information shared will be kept in strict confidence. He see's each treatment as a conversation with the body, and soul. Connecting his clients to a higher frequency of vibration that enables their own system to do most of the magick. 

What a Treatment looks like: 

You'll be asked to lay down on your back. I'll offering you some breath and ground queues, and establish an intention for the session. The treatment will involving gentle hands on placements to connect to different energy points in your body, moving from Feet to Head. I work intuitively to where you body guides me into tuning your energy lines, chakras, muscles, joints and organs. 

The session will end with a meditation and sound bath to seal the work.

All Energy Healing offerins are now distance sessions through a live virtual session through zoom, facetime, or what's app.  


1 30 minute Virtual Treatment: $60

3 Session Package: $200

(expires in 4 weeks from first treatment of the package)

Payment through etransfer or paypal through

Book a Treatment with Chrys. 

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"We can never become truly happy unless we

ourselves undergo a personal transformation" 

Daisaku Ikeda