As an effort to keep educating and sharing yoga, meditation and energy magick, I've brought my teaching online! 

These virtual offerings will help you ground, breath, stretch, and move. 

Our practice is and will be our greatest salvation as we move through these uncertain and challenging times.

It with great pleasure and love that I take on the responsibility to manage your body, mind and spirit. 

Please join me on Instagram Live Yoga under my handle @chrysmuszka.

Find my Schedule below. 

Classes are offered to you on IG live be free of charge, and accessible to anyone for 24hours after.. 

I know some of you will want to offer an exchange for my teachings. 

I gratefully accept PWYC donations through etransfer or paypal. 

e-transfer to chrysyoga@gmail.com
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"We can never become truly happy unless we

ourselves undergo a personal transformation" 

Daisaku Ikeda