Private Yoga

Private or semi-private yoga involves working 1 on 1 with

Chrys, or in a small group (no more than 4 people).

The main benefit of private yoga is that it allows each

practice tobe catered to your needs and detailed attention. 

Chrys does his best to tend to you, your body and your

practice. Private sessions can range from physically 

challenging to strengthen the body, or sessions that are 

deeply relaxing to release stress and anxiety.

Investing in private yoga classes allows you to take your

practice to another level. Understand poses, ask questions

when you want, truly discover what yoga means to you,

your body, and your mind. It evolves your practice!


Private sessions can be done at your home, or at Chrys' in home studio in the Annex neighbourhood of Downtown Toronto.


The first session will include a 15 minute consultation. This allows Chrys to understand your practice, past/current injuries and get to know you as a person. 



$100 for 1 Private Yoga Class

$400 for 5 class Private Yoga Package 

E-mail Chrys to inquire. 

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"We can never become truly happy unless we

ourselves undergo a personal transformation" 

Daisaku Ikeda