Private Yoga & Meditation

Private or semi-private yoga and meditations involves

working 1 on 1 with Chrys, or in a small group (no more than 4 people).

The allows for you and Chrys to make a personal connection

that it enables each practice to be catered to your needs

and detailed in attention.


Chrys does his best to tend to you, your body, and your

mind. Private yoga sessions can range from physically 

challenging to strengthen the body, or sessions that are 

deeply relaxing to release stress, tensions, and anxiety. Chrys teach a 

range of yoga styles to fit your needs; from a Vinyasa practice,

to restorative or Yoga nidra (Yoga Sleep practice). 

Private Meditations can help you manage your breathing, and learn to self-regulate your thoughts and emotions. Learning different techniques and approaches to meditation that will  strengthen your practice and commitment to meditating. 

Chrys will guide each session with care, compassion, and right amount of push to keep your motivated and inspired. 

Private sessions truly allow you to discover what yoga and meditation mean to you,

your body, and your mind.

He does his best to actively learn, ways to makes his teaching and himself inclusive and available to all genders, body types, races, and traumas. 

Please contact him for about any concerns. 

*All Private sessions are now virtual due to Covid-19. 

Online Private Yoga Session 

Virtual live Sessions will take place through any online medium that works best for you and Chrys, ie. zoom, facetime, what's app or any other online portal. All whats needed is a strong internet connection. 

What's needed for a online yoga session?

*1 Yoga Mat

*2 Yoga blocks or hard cover books 

*Yoga Strap or long belt.

*A glass/bottle of water.


Private Yoga 

$90+hst for 1 60min Private Yoga Class

400+hst for a 5 60min class Private Yoga Package 

Private Meditation  

These sessions can be 30-45 minute live weekly classes, or pre-recorded in a weekly bundle, receiving a personal meditation each week. Meditation private sessions, also offer a  time for you talk about your meditation practice, as well as receive guidance on how to improve your practice, and self-awareness journey. 

$45+hst for a 30 min session.

$60+hst for a 45-60 minutes session.

$160+hst for 4 week Meditation package.  

Semi Private 2-6 people, $80 45-60 minute session

Payments can be made through etransfer or paypal. 

E-mail Chrys to book a private session today!