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Chrystof has always been fascinated by the Stars, Cosmos, and our Earthly connections to Space. Innate drawn to the schools of Astrology, he begun he studies at the age of 12, and was encouraged by his family to delve deeper in the meanings he could find. Over the last 20 years, Chrystof has learned how to understand Birth Charts through the Tropical Astrology school, using the Whole Sign Birthchart method. He approached astrology less from divination lens as more from an interpersonal, psychological, and emotional lens to help promote his clients to be empowered by Astrology, and seek to understand themselves better. 

A Birth Chart reading with Chrys is a 45minute long virtual session through Zoom, where he go over some foundation information regarding Astrology, and his method, and then deconstruction your Birth Chart, and explain patterns the link to Astrological patterns, transits, as well as the disruption of the Elements, and how that relates to you. He bring an engaging and light heart approach that holds a safe space for you to explore yourself, and how the Cosmos was at the time of your birth. He also allows for your questions and thoughts to be heard. 

45minute Birth Chart Reading: $60-$80+hst

Payment accepted: PayPal, or etransfer.

*If paying by etransfer, please click "pay offline", and then send your etransfer to

To book your session, please fill out of the form below.

Chrys will email you within 48hours to schedule your virtual appointment. 

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