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"Chrys exemplifies the perfect marriage of skill, intuition, strength, humility, and unwavering commitment to both his clients as well as his own personal yoga practice.  With over 15 years of yoga experience, Chrys is a true testament of what it means to always look ahead, listen to your inner self and strive to be the best you can be.  His yoga classes and expert direction are constantly evolving and great efforts are made to listen to the individual needs of each practitioner.  

Whether you are looking to start your yoga journey, or continue a lifelong practice, I highly recommend incorporating Chrys into your yoga practice. I believe Chrys is a true master of his craft."


Carine Rozen

Executive Consultant




"Chrys is a fantastic yoga instructor. His classes are both invigorating and relaxing. His training and expertise shows in each class. He is attentive to detail and creates a wonderful learning environment. He also closes off his class nicely with a beautiful song. I look forward to attending all of his classes and know that I will be going home feeling rejuvenated.


Daniella Watters

Recording Artist, Singer/Song-writer



"Chrys is a talented, creative, empathetic yoga teacher. His classes vary in style and sequence, taking me from sweating to blissed out within an hour. He teaches with warmth and humility, linking movement to thought-provoking themes and tying it all together with some of the best music playlists I've had the pleasure to stretch to. I am a major fan of his honey flow, and recommend it to anyone who is tired with run-of-the-mill vinyasa, and wants to breathe, connect with their body and find a bit of peace in their day."


Cordelia Huxtable

Sex Educator and Yoga Teacher



"In your first class you will realize Chrys has a unique clarity and pays particular attention to detail. Having suffered two dislocated shoulders and a herniated disk, I am particularly thankful for the fact that Chrys cares for my well-being and safety during each pose. He has devised creative modifications to help support my individual physical challenges. Furthermore, his uplifting personality and meditative skills greatly nourishes the calming of my mind which, ultimately, enhances my productivity in both my career and personal life. 


In short, I feel dramatic improvements in both my body and mind studying with Chrys. After a year under his instruction, I can say with conviction that his passion and knowledge for yoga comes through each class he teaches. Just go to one and feel inspired." 

Steve Grosfield

Managing Director, AMICA Bayview Gardens: Mature Lifestyle Residence



“Chrys is a delightful Yoga instructor. I have had the pleasure of taking his restorative classes, which leave you rested and recharged. I appreciate his guidance, experience, philosophy and passion for yoga. I highly recommend Chrys!"


Myke Bakich,

Animator & Storyboard Artist



 "Chrys is everything one wishes to find in a yoga teacher. Deep understanding of the practice, skilled communication of concepts and patience and respect for each person's individual needs. Yoga with Chrys is always fun, challenging and opening to new experiences and challenges. I highly recommend a group of private classes with this excellent teacher."


Henrieta Haniskova




"Chrys is a great teacher. He knows how to adapt his teaching to his students but also how to help them improve significantly. I would highly recommand Chrys as a teacher." 


Aurélien Muller 




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