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Becoming Your Inner Mystic

A Course to enrich your life with Magick & Spirituality

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"Becoming Your Inner Mystic" is an online personal development course to help you connect to the magick within, and live a life that is attuned to the sacred energies all around with respect and appreciation.


This course is a package offering of how I’ve interpreted the many lessons and experiences I’ve received to live a life that is enriched with a spiritual connection to the Earth and Source Energy. To help guide you to become your own inner Mystic!

To me a “Mystic” is anyone who forms a relationship to Source Energy or Spirit, and seeks insight to the mysteries that transcend the humxn ego and intellect. Using rituals, meditations, and other Earth traditions to help one on their journey through life!

This course is for anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship to self, subtle energies and rituals. As well as anyone already practicing energy healing, yoga, meditation, and any other spiritual practices/traditions.

This course is offered online on an on-going bases, and at a move at your pace through

There are optional "Worksheets" to compliment the modules, and get you thinking, and feel more of the information. 

A certification through given upon completion. 

Price: $79 Canadian, tax included. 

Click here to head to the Udemy course site to register

and begin your Inner Mystic Journey!

Here’s an overview of the 8 Modules.

Introduction & Opening Meditation Ritual. 

Module 1
What does it mean to be a “Mystic?"

What is magick?
Great Spirit/Source, Souls/Spirits, & Subtle Energies

Sacred Space & Altars

Module 2 

Moon Cycles, Astrology, Ancestry,

 The Sacred Elements. 

Module 3

The Sacred Elements & Ancestry


Module 4
Types of Intuition, & The Power of a Pauce


Module 5

Divination Rituals: Tarot, Oracle Cards, Divination. 


Module 6

Rituals for Protection, Releasing, Manifestation, & Smoke Cleansing.

Module 7
Plant Medicines, & Energy Healing

Module 8

Dark Night of the Soul &

Cultural Appropriation in Spirituality. 

Conclusion & Closing Meditation Ritual

I hope you decided to take the journey of this course with me. It's full of the insight, magick, and spiritual enrichment. I teach it from my heart, with wisdom, care, and respect. 

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