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Restorative Yoga Immersion
& Teacher Training

Join Chrystof in this online Restorative Yoga Immersion &

Teacher Training. 

April/May 2022 

Dates & Times: 

Thursday April 28th, & May 5th, 2022: 6pm-9:30pm ET

Saturday April 30th & May 7th, 2022: 2pm-8pm ET

with Teaching Training Session on May 8th, 2022: 11am-3pm ET 

On Zoom

This virtual training will delve into the history, and methodology of the Restorative Yoga style as well as offer practical experience of deep relaxation, Ananda in Sanskrit, Bliss in English. Giving each participant a chance to expand their understanding and form a stronger relationship with the art stillness, and relaxing their body, mind, and Spirit. 


Students will have the choice of part taking in the first 20 hour immersion section, or sign up for the full 30hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. This extends the training an extra 10 hours, 4 hours of online learning teaching techniques, a 1hour 1on1 mentorship session, and 5 hours of extended time allocated to documented self and guided practice and experience time. 

Both options will grant each student with a certification of completion, and with the Teacher Training option giving you a certification to teach Restorative Yoga by a Chrystof Muszka, an Senior Experienced Yoga Teacher. Both sections of the training is certified as a Continuing Education Credit through Yoga Alliance. 

Chrystof has over 12 years of dedicated teaching and study in the method of Restorative Yoga. He not only holds a certificate specific to this style of yoga, but also spent 30hours as an apprentice to one of his main Restorative Yoga Teachers; Hali Schwartz. Chrystof carries hime over 20 years of yoga practice and study. He has also successful led well received Restorative Yoga trainings.

Read some reviews at the bottom of this page. 

In the 20 hour Immersion you will learn: 

-What Restorative Yoga is.

-The History and Foundational Knowledge.

-An Understanding of Yogic Concepts of Stillness, States of Consciousness, the 3 Gunas. 

-The Restorative Yoga Chant.

-Principles of the Subtle Body, and the 5 Koshas

-The Importance of a Meditation Practice

-Breathe Awareness & Practice. 

-5hours of Practical Experience Broken up Over the 4 sessions. 

In the 10 hours of Teacher Training you will learn: 

-How to Instruct Getting In and Out of Restorative Poses.

-How to Formulate and Structure a Restorative Yoga class. 

-How to Use your Voice when Teaching. 

-A 1on1 Mentorship Session with Chrys. 

-Practical time to teach, and practice Restorative Yoga. 

Price for Immersion: $500+hst

Price for Teacher Training: $600+hst 

You have the option of paying for your spot in the training with a 1 time full price payment, or through $100 non-refundable deposit, with the remaining amount due by April 22nd, 2022, through

1-2 installment payments.


*This Training has a maximum on 12 participants, so don't take too long to decide to sign up.

When signing up for this training please do two things,

1. Fill out the form below. 

2. Send your payment to Chrys through the options and instruction below the sign up form. 



1. After filling out the form above, please find your payment options for both the Immersion and the Teacher Training options below. 

2. Payment is welcomed through PayPal or etransfer.

3. Please make your payment known by clicking one of the below buttons. You'll be asked to select the option to make a Full Payment or make an initial $100 non-refundable deposit. 

4. Make your payment or click "Pay Offline" and send your payment/deposit as soon as possible via etransfer to

Once your payment has been received your spot will be fully reserved!


If you are paying a deposit, please e-mail Chrystof with your payment plan, . As full payment must be received by April 22th, 2022. 

Full REFUNDS are available up to 48hours before the start of the April 28th, 2022

The $100 non-refundable deposit, is not included in the above refund policy. 

What Folks are saying about Chrytof's Restorative Yoga Trainings:

"I took this training looking to understand Restorative Yoga, and how to make more space to slow down and relax. I learned this and so much more. Chrystof did an excellent job sharing this style of yoga, and teaching it with passion and inclusion. I left full of new information, and I am now excited  and confident that I can make more time to relax and find ease. Although I was learning I felt like the training was more like a series of mini retreats." 


Donna L. 



"I really want to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Restorative Yoga, and the subtle elements of the overall yoga practice. This training not only helped me learn how to teach restorative postures, and create structured classes, but taught me the importance of making time to rest, and relax. Something I often dismissed as a "boring" aspect of Yoga practice. I learned that Stillness is truly a beautiful form of art."


Phillip VDM

Yoga Teacher

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