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*Upcoming Spring Course* 

Part 1 Thursday May 26th, 2022      6:30pm-9pm ET

Part 2 Sunday May 29th, 2022        1:30pm-4:00pm ET

Join Chrys Muszka in this 2 part online workshop to explore the heart opening medicine of Cacao. This is an immersion that will enrich you with foundational knowledge of the historical, and spiritual practice of Cacao, while also engaging you to explore your own relationship to it, what that means, and how to us it to connect you to your heart, and the sacredness of life. Learning how to use it to aid in your personal healing, and empower your overall wellness, and  life journey. 

Chrys has an infectious passion for Cacao, and respectfully shares the magick and medicine it brings to the body, mind, heart, and Spirit. 

Spaced out between two session, to allow ample to time for you to take in the informations, as well continue your connection to Cacao in the days between. 

After taking this immersion, you’ll be more comfortable, and confident about your knowledge of Cacao, as well as be respectful as you use, and begin to share it! 


*All participants will receive 1pound of Ruk’u’x Ulex Cacao, with delivery included to your home.*


Each session will begin with a Cup of Cacao, and a Guided Meditation,

and end with a Journey Meditation.  


You will learn: 

Part 1

  • What is “Ceremonial Cacao” & how is it different from Cocoa/Chocolate.  

  • Some ancient History, and Indigenous usage of Cacao

  • The effects of the colonisation of Cacao & turning it into Chocolate

  • How Cacao is made: Farm to Cup 

  • A Brief introduction to the Mayan CosmoVision, Nawales, & The Sacred Elements.


Part 2

  • Medicinal & Spiritual Benefits of Cacao

  • Heart Medicine, Plant Spirit & Animism 

  • The evolution of the “Cacao Ceremony” 

  • The ritual of a Cup of Cacao & Spiritual Practices. 

  • Cacao Invocation & Intention 

  • How to Share Cacao. 

  • Plus Chrys' Favourite Cacao Recipe


*The Recording of each session will be sent to all participants. Join live or take it on your own. 

Once completed you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”




Includes 1 lb of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, & shipping

*Register before May 20th, to be sure you receive your Cacao*

Sign up below, by filling out the form.

Payment through payal ore transfer. 

If you're sending an etransfer, please fill out the form, and select 'pay offline' 

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*If you have any questions before register, please email Chrys here*

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