My name is Chrys Muszka (he/him). I 'm an experienced Yoga & Meditation Educator, Energy Healer,

& Earth Mystic in the land now known as Toronto, Canada.

I curate inspirational yoga practices, mindful meditations, heart-centred Cacao circles, as well as personal Energy Healing sessions, Mystic Healing Journeys, and Intuitive Herbal remedies to support your biological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.. 

Here on my website you'll be able to get to know me a bit better, my practice, and learn about my current offerings which include weekly drop-in classes, private sessions, workshops, and upcoming retreats. 

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all my offerings are made online via instagram live, or through zoom. 

Click here to join an online Yoga or Meditation Class! 

Chrys has an Etsy site that he sells homemade supplies to support your yoga practice, wellness, & Mystic journey like eye pillows, herbal  teas, & plant essence.

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