Intuitive Herbalism & Mind-Body Healing Mentorship 


This is an opportunity for you to begin or continue to support

yourself with plant medicine, as well as mindful self-empowering

awareness, that enables you to take more purposeful direction over

your healing, as well as bring more balance into your life. Herbs are

plants that are used for therapeutic purposes to support biological

health, and help formed the foundation of healing, and contemporary

medicine so many centuries ago. Herbs also have a long forgotten

history of supporting us in a magickal and nourishing way that helps

our emotional, and spiritual journey. Chrys believes that a healing

journey is incomplete without seeking to find balance within all the

systems of the being. The symptoms be it physical, mental, or emotional,

are the body's way of expressing dis-ease, imbalance, asking for

for support. Our body is made to self-heal but needs support, guidance, and lot of love when health and wellness faces ailments & imbalances. Plants help us bring the body, organs, mind, emotions, and the Spirit back to a more homeostasis state. 

Through either a one time consultation or continued mentorship guidance and support, Chrys will help expand your thinking, thoughts, and approach to bringing yourself back into balance, and inner harmony better aligning you with your life's actions, hopes, dreams, and purpose.

Chrys offers his herbal guidance at sliding scale rate, to help make his support and guidance as accessible as possible. 

Consultation $60-$80+hst


A 90 minute online Video conversation giving you the opportunity to express health concerns, imbalances, and ailments and how to empower your overall holistic healing with ‘Plant Magick, Mindfulness & Spiritual Awareness, and Empowerment to enhance and enchant life. Bring more balance to your symptoms, and alignment to your life purpose.  


Chrys starts each consultation with a meditation, which leads into a discussion about your overall wellness, not only physical, but mental, social, emotional, and spiritually. Chrys takes an intuitive, holistic and folk medicine approach to his work, guided by his theoretical studies, but also by his intuition, and wisdom in Mindfulness, Spiritual Awareness, Energy Healing, and Body Healing Coaching. Chrys seeks to help people find more empowerment, and sovereignty in their healing work, that not only includes the physical, but the homeostasis between the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Chrys asks his clients to be curious, and open minded, and encourages them to develop more sacred and spiritual relationships with themself, and their path to healing.  He firmly believes that this affects the ability for a person to heal, and receive true effectiveness of their healing efforts.


Chrys will help you understand how you can use herbs in medicinal ways but also how to begin to use them in a ritualist way with intention and purpose, to influence your life’s direction, goals, interpersonal healing, and self-transformation. 

Enriching your life with ‘Plant Magick.’


Herbal medicine is a subtle, gentle, and transformative approach, it seeks to be an aid alongside your journey of life, and works alongside contemporary medicine, as you need it. With any major health ailments and life imbalances, it may take 1-6 months of commitment with the herbs and lifestyle changes to really feel the effects of your efforts.

But when you do, you will truly feel a sense of empowerment, enhancement, and self-sovereignty in balancing and healing yourself. 


This consultation will leave you with a stronger idea of how to bring herbal medicine into your everyday life, and as well as some wisdom as to what herbs you already have at home that can help you. 


After the consultation you can continue receiving guidance as well personalize remedies, invocations, and rituals with Chrys 

Follow-up Session No Remedies $40-$60 +hst

This 45minute follow-up meeting will start with a meditation, and a personalized healing/intention invocation based on information shared in the 1st consultation. It will give you time to ask further questions you might have about herbs and plant medicine.As well as recommendations for lifestyle change, movement and mindfulness routine.  Chrys will have prepared a personalized short list of herbs/recipes, ritual practices, & products that you can purchase/make to help guide you on your herbal healing journey.. 


Follow-up Guidance + Remedies. $70-$90 +hst

This 45minute follow-up meeting will start with a meditation, and a personalized healing/intention invocation based on information shared in the 1st consultation.  As well as recommendations for lifestyle/diet changes, movement,  and mindfulness routines. 

Along with 1-3 personalized homemade herbal remedies, ritual practices supplies, and recommendations to help you and your specific ailments for a 2-4 week period.


Follow-up and Consultations will be scheduled within 5-10days of each other, giving Chrys enough time to review and meditate on his notes, and through his intuition and knowledge formulate. 

On Going Coaching/Guidance & Continued Personalized Remedies $45-$65+hst

Ongoing meetings either week or bi weekly with guided meditation, and coaching insight to help keep you in line with your personal goals to bring more balance, empowerment, and self-sovereignty to your health and wellness efforts. 

*Does not include any personalized herbal products.


Personalized Homemade Products/Herbal Products Shopping

Products are given in 2 week-4 weeks period. 

Price discussed between Chrys & Client. 


Herbal Products can be locally picked up in downtown Toronto or shipped to your home with an extra  cost.

*Any products Chrys makes are purchases for you can be locally picked up in downtown Toronto, or mailed with the extra cost of shipping. 

**If you have any major health ailments, and have not sought medical attention, Chrys will recommend that you do so, alongside working with him.

***If you are on any medications Chrys will ask that you talk to your doctor about any Herbal contraindications. He will also do his research on your prescriptions. 

****Chrys advises talk-therapy with a licensed mental health practitioner alongside any herbal practice that seeks support and insight on any major mental, & emotional imbalances.

******Chrys does not take on the label of Shaman, Medicine or hold any place of power over plant knowledge, and folk medicine. He walks in 'Right Relationship" to the many indigenous people that are leaders and guides in Plant Medicine teachings. Chrys considereds himself a guide that supports you, and works alongside you to empower your own direction of healing.  

He does not work with any psychoactive, or mind altering plants. The plants Chrys works are complete safe to use in everyday life, some in abundance, and others in small doses. 

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"We can never become truly happy unless we

ourselves undergo a personal transformation" 

Daisaku Ikeda