Becoming Your Inner Mystic

Becoming Your Inner Mystic is a 4 week course to help you connect to the magick within, and live a life that is attuned to the sacred energies all around with respect and appreciation.


This course is an package offering of how I’ve interpreted the many lessons I’ve received to live a life that is enriched with a spiritual connection to the Earth and Source Energy. To help guide you to become your own inner Mystic!

To me a “Mystic” is anyone who forms a relationship to Source Energy or Spirit, and seeks insight to the mysteries that transcend the humxn ego and intellect. Using rituals, meditations, and other Earth traditions to help one on their journey through life!

We’ll meet online each week for a combinations of lecture, discussions, and meditation/journeying exercises. Open to anyone who is interested in deepening their relationship to self, subtle energies and rituals. As well as anyone already practicing energy healing, yoga, meditation, and any other spiritual practices/traditions.

This workshop begins on the November New Moon in Scorpio, a potent time to step into our power, entering the lunar cycle enriched in magick.

Here’s an overview!

Week 1
What does it mean to be a “Mystic?"

What is magick?
Great Spirit/Source, Souls/Spirits, & Subtle Energies

Sacred Space & Altars

Week 2

Moon Cycles, Astrology, Ancestry, & The Sacred Elements. 

Week 3
Types of Intuition, Oracle Cards, Divination and Rituals for Protection, Releasing, Manifestation, & Smoke Cleansing.

Week 4
Plant Medicines, & Energy Healing

Cultural Appropriation & Respecting Traditions
Inner Mystic Attunement & Group Healing

Sunday Nov 15, 22, 2& Dec 6th
Price: $111+hst

**sliding scale rate for anyone who needs it, email Chrys to if you need support. 

I will do my best to hold a virtual space that is safe, and respectful to all traditions, and humxns that register. 

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"We can never become truly happy unless we

ourselves undergo a personal transformation" 

Daisaku Ikeda