I’ve been studying and working with Astrology for over 20years. Got my first Astrology book when I was 11years old. The last 5 years have been the most influential. I’ve been looking at it as a tool to understand ourselves more, and how we relate to others. Alongside making sense of current circumstances in our life and the World at large.

Astrology 101 is a 2 hour online introductory workshop to help you understand the basis of Astrology, as well as gain more insight and answers to these questions: what a Birth Chart is? What is yours?, How to understand it?, as well as what your "BIG 3" are, Major Points of Interests, and your overall Elemental Constitution!
I made a fun worksheet to fill out as we go through the course. #virgorising


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Tuesday November 9th, 2021
On Zoom 
6:30pm-8:30pm ET

Full Price: $40 +hst
Support Price: $30 +hst

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